Marcos Gaming books finals spot

ElV1S: It’s a memory for me to cherish

Marcos Gaming take down Pak Boyz 2-0

After getting knocked down to the lower bracket’s consolidation final by True Rippers, Marcos Gaming put up a 2-0 win against Pakistan’s Pak Boyz and have booked their grand finals spot against True Rippers.

After the match we got a chance to chat with ElV1S, one of Marcos Gaming’s high impact riflers. He spoke about the overtime on the first map and what the team is looking forward to, for the finals tomorrow.

It’s a classic KingPins move! We get to the match point and struggle to cross the finish line. All good at the end, we tried a few different things, they didn’t work out and now we know what to do and what not to in the finals.

Marcos Gaming’s drafted legend shox received high praise from ElV1S for keeping the environment enjoyable and fun for the team and holding the team together. He spoke about Bhavi’s calling and how shox does micro-adjustments to make them perfect.

Bhavesh (Bhavi) called most of the second map and shox chimed in here and there. shox is like the rubber-band keeping everyone together. Not that we need it but it’s always good to have that factor in the team. Along with Bhavi’s calls, shox adds a lot of value and if we follow through, we’ll win the finals. You saw what we did in the second map.

Towards the end, ElV1S spoke about sharing the stage with legends and said that it was a “dream come true”. He went on to talk about shox’s calmness and composure that he brings to the team.

Honestly sometimes it’s like a dream playing with them, I’m so calm sitting next to shox. I see him on streams and everything and on the first day I couldn’t believe that I was playing with him but he calmed me down and made it seem like he was just any other player coming into our team. It’s been amazing and it’s a memory for me to cherish.”

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