True Rippers nearly reverse swept Marcos Gaming

DEFAULTER: "I'm really proud of my team"

True Rippers lost the grand finals 3-2 to Marcos Gaming

True Rippers despite conceding the initial two maps, mounted a strong comeback to level the series at 2-2, pushing it into the decider where they unfortunately fell short, conceding the grand finals to finish as the runners up of The DRAFT.

After the match we got a chance to talk to DEFAULTER, the In-game leader of True Rippers. He spoke about their comeback and strong mental game and also shared his experience playing with the AWP legend kennyS.

We should've closed out the first map but still we came back from 0-2, we have a really strong mental game and I don't think anybody in this tournament would've come back from a 0-2. We played really well on Mirage and Inferno, really proud of my team. Unfortunately we couldn't win this event. Hopefully we win the next event.

DEFAULTER went on to talk about hiccups in communications which could've potentially caused misunderstandings between kennyS and several True Rippers players. To conclude the topic, DEFAULTER said "He has more experience than us and that's just how kennyS plays, we have to accommodate."

Actually there was a bit of a problem in our communication ever since we started our LAN journey but we gradually caught up with kennyS. With time our team slowly understood how kennyS wants to play and what structure would work. We have well set protocols in our team and when someone joins it's difficult for them and us as, both. Once again, I'm just really proud of my team for showing strong mentality to level things at 2-2. Its okay to be disappointed but there are other events, we'll get them.

When asked about situations where kennyS would go back to re-peek many angles after securing the initial pick, DEFAULTER spoke highly about kennyS, praising his efforts, passion and dedication.

He tried his best, he's just that kind of player, he wants to re-peek, he sometimes gets the follow-up and sometimes doesn't. I can't talk about that because he has more experience than me and shox was just too smart on Overpass. He just really wrecked us and gave his team a huge confidence boost. Congratulations to them, they played really well and I hope they continue to play this way with their full lineup.

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