Myth Avenue Gaming overcomes the SR Nacague challenge with ease

SR Nacague smashed on Overpass

The final quarter-final saw Myth Avenue Gaming (MAG) take on SR Nacague with the winner of the match set to take on NKT in the semi-final. SR Nacague were playing with a stand-in after bryleiwnl was benched from the active roster a couple of days ago.

Ancient got the series underway, which was SR Nacague's pick. SR Nacague started with the pistol win on their T side but MAG answered back with the force buy. A back-and-forth half saw neither team able to get consecutive rounds as it SR Nacague started with a two-round lead at the end of the opening half.

While SR Nacague started strong going 9-5 up, MAG fought back to tie up the game at 10-10. MAG dropped two clutch situations to close out the map which saw Ancient extended to overtime. MAG needed two overtimes to finally close out Ancient at 19-15.

MAG's pick of Overpass started with an aggressive T side from Myth Avenue. MAG dropped two rounds in the opening half and then closed out Overpass comfortably 13-3.

An easy 2-0 series win for MAG sees them move into the semi-final of Elite Peekers IGNITION CS2 and will take on NKT.

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