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Crescent prevails over Accuracy Gaming

Crescent close out a 2-1 series

The lower bracket run of Skyesports Grand Slam 2024 saw a faceoff between Crescent and Accuracy Gaming. The opening map saw a dominant 13-4 victory for Accuracy Gaming on Overpass.

Image Courtesy: L.O.T Gaming

Next was Crescent's turn to put forth a map win on Ancient. Accuracy Gaming put up a valiant fight on the map, taking it to overtime. However, the firepower of Catastr0phE and ELV1S helped Crescent secure a 16-13 win.

Image Courtesy: L.O.T Gaming

The final map took us to Mirage, where Catastr0phE once again pulled through for his team. Once again at the top of the charts, his 27 kills paved the way for a 13-9 win, as they continued their fight for breath in the tournament.

Image Courtesy: L.O.T Gaming

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