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Cinderella run continues for Legacy Esports as they take down Gods Reign

Legacy Esports defeat Gods Reign

The next match of the Upper Brackets of Skyesports Grand Slam 2024 Indian Closed Qualifiers saw Gods Reign pitted against Legacy Esports. Legacy Esports, who had already claimed the scalp of 2ez Gaming, started off strong after a 13-7 victory on Anubis. Both Resoluxe and EeazyBoost took huge strides to convert the first map.

Image Credit: L.O.T Gaming

Next up was Nuke which saw Ph1NNN back at the top of the scoreboard for Gods Reign, as he led by example with his 24 kills to secure a 13-7 victory and tie the series 1-1 to keep Gods Reign alive.

Image Credit: L.O.T Gaming

In the decider map Overpass things took an unprecedented turn for Gods Reign. Despite best efforts from Gods Reign, Legacy Esports secured a 13-10 victory to win out the series with a 2-1 score.

Image Credit: L.O.T Gaming

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Import diff haha
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Reso and eazzy ftw
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