SR Nacague eliminate Revolution

Revolution concede 0-2 series to SR Nacague in Elite Peekers Ignition

The first map took us to ancient where SR Nacague started on the T-side with a handsome 7-2 lead. With multiple 2v2s going in favor of Revolution towards the end, the CTs managed to salvage four rounds with the half still leaning heavily towards SR Nacague at 8-4. Zen and Clydie sat at 12 frags a piece, the difference-makers between the sides.

Revolution managed to claw back a couple of rounds here and there but a lights-out performance from Zen stole the show, netting SR Nacague a 13-8 win on Ancient to go 1-0 up in the series. Zen finished the map with 25 frags at an ADR of 128.

On Mirage, SR Nacague started strong once again on the CT-side with Zen and Clydie constantly disrupting the T-setups. Picking up an 8-4 lead in the first half, SR Nacague comfortably traded rounds back and forth in the second half to close out Mirage 13-9 and win the series 2-0.

With back to back losses, Revolution end their Elite Peekers Ignition CS2 Season 2 run in the elimination match while SR Nacague move on to the decider match to square up against Bigetron.

Revolution end their campaign with back to back losses

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