pz takes a break

pz departs from Bad News Kangaroos

pz ends 5-months stint with Bad News Kangaroos

In a post on X, pz announced his departure from Bad News Kangaroos and the Aussie expressed his gratitude towards his former teammates. Bad News Kangaroos picked up VERTEX's Counter-Strike lineup in January 2024 which included pz and went on to win The Game Expo 2024 in March.

pz joined VERTEX in August 2020 and has stuck to the org ever since alongside BRACE and ADDICT. With pz, VERTEX won the first two iterations of the CCT Oceanica Series and went on to secure runners-up status in the next two iterations of the event.

pz spent five months with the Australian roster after it's transition from VERTEX to Bad News Kangaroos and his time with VERTEX tallies up to a little over four years. In his time with VERTEX, pz held a HLTV rating of 1.11 and had seven maps where he put up performances that lead to a 2+ HLTV rating.

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