Video: 910's insanity puts The MongolZ on map point

Stunning 1v3 from the Mongolian AWPer

With The MongolZ starting their semi-final against Astralis in a dominant manner on Nuke, it was a strong CT side which saw them go 8-4 up. The MongolZ picked up the second pistol and converted against the force buys which saw them go 11-4 up before Astralis brought out the guns.

br0 and stavn's early kills saw Astralis take a quick 5v3 lead before stavn's second kill on Senzu put the Mongolian side in a 2v4 situation. With 910 and his captain, bLitz left, bLitz secured a quick kill moving up the vents on to the A site to take Staehr out before stavn got The MongolZ's captain, coming in from Heaven.

It was 910 left in a 1v3 with bomb, he quickly took stavn out from the equation and then took an intuitive shot from the smoke, dropping device. With jabbi left, 910 did not know where he was coming from and jabbi, from Heaven, couldn't finish his kill which saw 910 with a lighting quick hit take out jabbi to complete a stunning 1v3.

The round win also saw The MongolZ hit map point and keep their T run on Nuke flawless.

Watch the clip here:

Source: YaLLa Compass

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