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Indian HLTV rankings remain stagnant

Indian teams climb up in Asian ranking

In yesterday's update to HLTV's regional rankings, the Indian side of things remain stagnant with Gods Reign still at first place followed by True Rippers and Carnival Gaming at second and third place. Gods Reign recently won the Dust2 India 1XBET Masters 10 and True Rippers are trading game for game at the M88 League.

In the Asian rankings The MongolZ remain cemented to their #1 spot, leading by a massive 200-points margin over Lynn Vision. The top 5 remains unchanged but further down the table, Indian teams Gods Reign and True Rippers have have climbed up 1 and 2 places respectively to gatekeep the top 10 at #11 and #12.

Carnival Gaming also ascends a place in the Asian rankings, no sitting at #4.

Gods Reign stay on top

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