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Carnival Gaming dominates Come Mid to blaze into the Finals

It's an all-India Grand Final at the Gladiator's League Season 4

After sending one Pakistani team home, WahWah, SpawN and co. faced the remaining Pakistani team Come Mid in the second semi-final of the Gladiator's League Season 4.

India Carnival Gaming

  • SpawN

  • clouda

  • Rider

  • EmbeR

  • CycloneF

Come Mid

  • hfst4r

  • Bloody

  • SOULM8

  • HsB

  • Rky-

Anubis was a non-starter for the Pakistani team as it was a 9-0 start from Carnival Gaming on their T side. One round on their defence and one on their T side was all Come Mid could manage on Anubis as Carnival Gaming starting with a hammering, going 13-2.

Image Credit: High IQ

While it wasn't nine consecutive rounds to get things underway on Mirage, Carnival Gaming started Mirage with strong start, putting up a seven round defensive half. Come Mid could manage only three rounds on their CT half as SpawN and his boys closed out the series on Mirage, picking up a 13-8 win to secure a 2-0 series win.

Image Credit: High IQ

With the win, Carnival Gaming moves into the Grand Final of the Gladiator's League Season 4 and will face compatriots Frag Theory.

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