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Frag Theory dominates Victores Sumus to lock in Grand Final spot

A big 2-0 win for Frag Theory

The first semi-final of the Gladiator's League Season 4 saw an all-Indian encounter as Frag Theory faced Victores Sumus.

India Frag Theory

  • kaneki

  • Grudge

  • Br0KeNxD

  • eL

  • elementx

India Victores Sumus

  • SinChAn

  • P7

  • Kuzuri

  • bb1

  • Recoilmaster

Ancient was the series opener and after lengthy technical delay early on, it was Frag Theory taking the initial advantage, going 7-5 up on their CT side. It was clinical on their T side from Frag Theory as they wrapped it up at 13-8 to start the series with a convincing win.

Image Credit: High IQ

Mirage saw Frag Theory start well once again, this time on their T side, starting with eight straight rounds before Victores Sumus' defence final got going. Following a 9-3 half, it was Frag Theory locking in a comfortable 13-4 win with Br0keNxD closing things out with a 1v3 on the B site.

Image Credit: High IQ

The clean 2-0 win sees Frag Theory becoming the first finalists of the Gladiator's League Season 4.

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