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Carnival Gaming eliminates WahWah

Carnival Gaming defeats WahWah to lock in semi-final spot

In the Quarter-final of Gladiator's League Season 4 kicked off with an ever-thrilling clash of Ind-Pak as SpawN's led Carnival Gaming went up against WahWah.

India Carnival Gaming

  • SpawN

  • clouda

  • Rider

  • EmbeR

  • CycloneF


  • ExecutoR

  • 0Kay

  • x

  • insmutje

  • BulleT

The first map took us to Mirage where both teams remained evenly contested in the first half, tying the score at halftime. While WahWah were the first team to steer ahead, but Carnival Gaming caught up at 11-11. In the endgame however, WahWah handled the momentum, securing a 13-11 finish.

Image Courtesy: High IQ

WahWah's domination extended to Anubis, where they led by 7-5 in the first half. Carnival Gaming turned the map on its head in the second half to win by 13-8.

Image Courtesy: High IQ

The final map Ancient saw yet another neck-to-neck affair as Carnival Gaming put up 6 rounds on the board after a hard fought T-side. While the game remained 9-9, Carnival Gaming then raced to finish line with a 13-9 scoreline.

Image Courtesy: High IQ]

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