Dust2 India - 1XBET Cup Open Qualifier 21: Recap

Gods Reign and Marcos Gaming secure slots for Masters #11

With nine participants competing in the 11th edition of the Dust2 India - 1XBET Cup Open Qualifier, the stage was set for heated matchups. As the dust settled, the Dust2 Cup Qualifier saw Marcos Gaming and Gods Reign emerge as victors, securing the first two slots for Masters 11.

Round 1

  • Round 1 consisted entirely of byes, as Gods Reign, PEPEGSHOT, VICTORES SUMUS, Random 5, Red ViperZ, Project Lethals, Marcos Gaming and ROG Academy moved to the second round.

Round 2

  • Gods Reign vs PEPEGSHOT
    Gods Reign clashed against PEPEGSHOT, that boasted a core of Indian Female Pros, along with former True Rippers rifler DiceDealer. The matchup took place on Mirage, where Gods Reign crushed the opponent team to secure a 13-1 win.

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  • Marcos Gaming vs ROG Academy
    Marcos Gaming went up against ROG Academy in the second matchup of Round 2, played on Anubis. The first half heavily favoured Marcos Gaming, as they established a 10-2 lead, and despite a brief struggle in the second half, clinched the map by a 13-8 margin.

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Round 3

  • Gods Reign vs VICTORES SUMUS
    Gods Reign continued their dominance with another overwhelming victory, this time against VICTORES SUMUS on Nuke. With f1redup leading the charge, they secured yet another 13-1 win.

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  • Marcos Gaming vs Project Lethals
    The next foe in front of Marcos Gaming was Project Lethals. Kicking off on Dust2, Marcos Gaming stayed an edge above Project Lethals, establishing a 7-5 lead. In the second half, they widened the gap, culminating in a 13-7 win.

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Both MARCOS Gaming and Gods Reign have successfully qualified for the Dust2 India - 1XBET Cup Masters #11.

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