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Skyesports Championship India qualifier: Top performers

True Rippers book main even slot

Skyesports Championship 2024's Indian qualifier ran it's course with True Rippers taking on Gods Reign in a bo3 final. DEFAULTER and co. emerged victorious and are set to join The MongolZ, Eternal Fire, FURIA, BetBoom, Aurora, Revenant and 3DMAX in the main event, set to be a LAN in Mumbai.

The Indian closed qualifier saw electrifying individual performances and here's a quick look at the top 3 players who consistently put up big numbers and significant impact for their teams.

Before getting into the top 3, lets take a quick look at a few honorable mentions- players who made a compelling case with statistics but narrowly missed out on the top 3:

  • Ph1NNN (Gods Reign)

  • KarmaN (Marcos Gaming)

3. ResoLuxe (Marcos Gaming)

The Moldovan AWP opened his Skyesports Campaign with a bang against Carnival Gaming. In the very first map on Dust2, he dropped a 1.89 rating performance with 16 frags at an ADR of 102. He continued to wreak havoc on his opponents ending the series with a 1.59 hltv rating across 3 maps.

His ability to secure opening kills (36 in total) and maintain a high KAST percentage of 74.4% underscored his pivotal role in Marcos Gaming's performance. ResoLuxe had the best impact rating in the qualifier at 1.49. Marcos Gaming ended their closed qualifier run in the consolidation final where they conceded the series to Gods Reign.

2. DayMake (True Rippers)

DayMake, the latest addition to True Rippers' lineup, showcased exceptional prowess throughout the qualifier. Known for his expertise with the AWP, DayMake faced off against India's top team, Gods Reign to open their campaign. Despite an initial setback against rev3nnnn in the opener, DayMake rebounded spectacularly in subsequent maps, consistently outmaneuvering his counterpart.

His standout performance came in the upper-bracket final against Marcos Gaming, where he delivered a jaw-dropping 2.01 rating on Nuke. With 21 frags and an impressive ADR of 126, DayMake demonstrated unparalleled impact, securing crucial rounds for True Rippers.

Across 10 maps, he maintained a formidable 1.31 HLTV rating, highlighting his consistency and reliability in critical moments. 54.8% of his rounds were multi-frag rounds, the highest in the event. DayMake also held the highest damage per round throughout the event at 89.3.

1. India rev3nnnn (Gods Reign)

rev3nnnn of Gods Reign was a force to be reckoned with throughout the qualifier, boasting the highest HLTV rating at 1.32, ending the event as the highest rated player. His proficiency with the AWP was on full display, especially in crucial matches where he often turned the tide in favor of his team. Despite a tough loss in the final against True Rippers, rev3nnnn's impact cannot be overstated.

His standout performance came in Gods Reign's opening match against True Rippers, where he garnered an impressive 1.89 rating in the second map, tallying 22 kills with an ADR of 106. Known for his dominance in opening duels, rev3nnnn boasted a remarkable success rate of 64.5%, securing 40 opening kills across the tournament.

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