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True Rippers cleans up Gods Reign 2-0

kennyS gets the better of GuardiaN once again

The final game of Day 1 of The Draft Super Six saw Gods Reign take on True Rippers and not only was it an all-India clash but it was two old rivals in GuardiaN and kennyS going up against each other. The veto saw Gods Reign go to Overpass while True Rippers pick Inferno with Mirage being left over as the decider.

DiceDealer denied GuardiaN a 1v2 that helped True Rippers start with the CT pistol on Overpass. GuardiaN's double on the Scout helped Gods Reign instantly hit back with the force. The force buy wars continued as DEFAULTER helped his team get back on the board and True Rippers built on that to run away to a 7-1 lead.

Gods Reign managed to put together a couple of rounds but it was True Rippers taking an 8-4 lead. True Rippers got the pistol on their T side as well. True Rippers managed to hold on for a 13-9 win after almost dropping the map from a 12-4 lead.

Crazy_Gamer and GuardiaN helped Gods Reign start with the CT pistol on Inferno. It was True Rippers though who took the lead at the half, taking a two-round lead at 7-5.

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Gods Reign secured the second half pistol and quickly tied up the game at 7-7. Mcg!LLzZz and kennyS got True Rippers on the board on their defensive half. Both teams traded rounds and we headed to overtime as True Rippers saw off two map points.

It was the Gh0sTTTT show in overtime which helped True Rippers secure the map at 16-13 to secure the series 2-0.

The AWPer who no one expected to shine with GuardiaN and kennyS on the server
True Rippers
2 - 0
Gods Reign
All maps
True Rippers K - D +/- ADR KAST Rating 2.0
India Prateek 'DiceDealer' Saini 43 - 29 +14 83.7 82.4% 1.32
India Shuvajyoti 'Mcg!LLzZz' Chakborty 38 - 39 -1 86.8 64.7% 1.17
Kenny 'kennyS' Schrub 41 - 32 +9 85.2 70.6% 1.17
India Ritesh 'DEFAULTER' Sarda 31 - 38 -7 62.0 80.4% 0.98
India Hamid 'Gh0sTTTT' Chaudhary 31 - 36 -5 71.3 74.5% 0.97
Gods Reign K - D +/- ADR KAST Rating 2.0
Ladislav 'GuardiaN' Kovács 45 - 33 +12 86.5 72.5% 1.26
India Harsh 'f1redup' Jain 34 - 38 -4 69.7 68.6% 1.02
India Hrishikesh 'Crazy_Gamer' Shenoy 34 - 38 -4 85.4 60.8% 1.01
India Aakash 'Ph1NNN' Bose 28 - 36 -8 69.7 78.4% 0.88
India Piyush 'clouda' Kalwania 33 - 39 -6 63.3 64.7% 0.86

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