f1redup: 'Crazy_Gamer wasn't calling, GuardiaN was'

Star Indian AWPer shares insights after 0-2 loss to True Rippers

They started slow in their opening game against WahWah but managed to turn it around for a 2-1 win but against True Rippers, Gods Reign failed to turn up, which resulted in a 0-2 loss and drops them to the Lower Bracket.

Following their loss to True Rippers, Gods Reign's AWPer f1redup had a short chat with Dust2 India.

f1redup states that on Overpass, where they were 4-12 down at one point, the team took it more like a warmup game and were trying to observe their opponent's playstyle.

Crazy_Gamer wasn't calling, it was GuardiaN calling. We were playing our own game but it was really unfortunate that we lost a couple of really close rounds (on Inferno).

f1redup also spoke about having a good outing with the AWP, especially given that the server had two of the very best to have touched the weapon in kennyS and GuardiaN.

It was fun. I out aimed kennyS a couple of times, which felt good and GuardiaN played really well. Let's hope we meet them (True Rippers) again in the Finals and the results are opposite.

f1redup is confident in his team to bounce back and make a strong run in the Lower Bracket and expects a tougher Gods Reign in the server tomorrow, especially mentally.

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