DYNAMITE opens up on Pak Boyz DRAFT journey

DYNAMITE: “We got together 2 months ago”

Pak Boyz concede 1-2 series to Marcos Gaming

In a nail-biter, Pak Boyz conceded a 1-2 series to Marcos Gaming in the consolidation finals in the lower bracket, crashing out of The DRAFT. DYNAMITE, the In-game leader of Pak Boyz spoke to Dust2 India about their match and shared his thoughts on their DRAFT journey.

We got together like two months ago. We didn’t play for 2-3 years like some of the other teams, we just spent time with each other. We got to know about the tournament just put our name in.

The Pakistani IGL spoke about how the team spontaneously registered for the tournament and found success in the open qualifiers. He shared how the team was excited to travel to their maiden LAN on foreign soil, representing their country.

We won the open qualifiers and finished 3rd in the group stage to qualify for this LAN in Malaysia. When we came here we were very excited, it was our first LAN abroad representing our country. It was really nice and a very proud moment for us.

DYNAMITE went on to talk about their first match in the LAN event and how they adjusted to accommodate friberg. He spoke about their initial nervousness and how they came over it with time.

When asked about his experience with friberg on the team, he stated that they learnt a lot from friberg and benefitted from having a player of that calibre and experience. He spoke about how certain moments could’ve changed the game if it were to have gone in their favor.

Unfortunate that we lost this game or else we would’ve gone to the finals. It’s was their lucky day, they were hitting unimaginable shots. It was really important to close out the first map, I think we came back from 12-5 or something. If we had won that, we would be in the finals. That one round where bloody and sharp (SharpShooter) were up against shox on the B-site, I think that round was really important.

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