BENZENE parts ways with Enigma Gaming

BENZENE announces search for new team

A little over three months ago, Enigma Gaming returned to Counter-Strike with the acquisition of a brand new roster than included aggresive rifler and former 7SEA member BENZENE. BENZENE now has announced that he is looking for a new team.

BENZENE revealed on a post made on X that he is looking for a new team as he parts ways with Enigma Gaming.

It's been a mixed run for BENZENE and while the team had a lot of potential, they have fallen short at various events but they started 2024 with a bang after they took down Marcos Gaming in the Esportz Premier Series 2023 LAN Final and picked up their first silverware as a team.

With BENZENE leaving, the Enigma Gaming squad now is:

  • SpawN

  • Catastr0phE

  • ghostxD

  • hattygOD

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