910 second highest rated player heading into the finals of YaLLa Compass

The MongolZ will face NIP in the Grand Finals

The MongolZ have secured a spot in the Grand Finals of the YaLLa Compass 2024, which boasts a prize pool of $400,000, thanks to an outstanding performance by their star AWPer, 910. Over the 8 maps he has played so far, 910 averages an impressive 1.31 rating, second only to NIP's top AWPer, R1nkle.

Stats: 910's performance in YaLLa Compass 2024

While 910 had a slow start against Sashi, kicking off the event with a rating of 1.08 in the BO1 , he played a crucial role in taking down ENCE and NIP. In the high-stakes semi-final against Astralis, he rose to the occasion, being the only positively rated player on his team with a 1.22 rating, as The MongolZ triumphed over Astralis 2-1.

However, the journey is not over for the 21-year-old, as he now has the chance to face off against the current chart-topper, R1nkle, who holds a 1.33 rating across 9 maps. 910 has a prime opportunity to lead The MongolZ to victory against NIP and secure their first top-20 LAN title of the year, and an MVP for himself.

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