The MongolZ takes down Astralis

Grand Final spot secured for The MongolZ

The first semi-final of the YaLLa Compass 2024 saw The MongolZ take on Astralis with Astralis looking to get past their semi-final curse while The MongolZ were looking to make it back-to-back LAN tournament wins.

The Danes' pick of Nuke got things underway as they went 8-4 up on their CT side before 910's 1v3 saw The MongolZ turning around a 3v5 to lock in map point. The pulled back three rounds on their CT half but that was all as The MongolZ wrapped up Nuke at 13-7 with Senzu topping the scoreboard with 20 kills.

Mirage was a non-starter for The Mongolz as it was only 910 active on Mirage, with stavn leading the charge for the Danes which saw them pick up a 13-6 win to keep themselves alive in the series. The MongolZ started Ancient with a 4-0 lead on their T side before the Danes answered with five of their own to take the lead. device denied Techno a 1v2 in the final round of the opening half which saw Astralis take a two round lead. Even though they fumbled their utility, Astralis kicked the second half with a clean pistol following a B hit. Astralis' T side wasn't up to the mark and it was Techno denying jabbi a 1v2 to put The MongolZ on match point. Astralis though made sure it wasn't all over in regulation as they pushed the final map to overtime.

bLitz and mzinho turned around a 2v4 on the B site in second overtime to put The MongolZ on match point once more but device called yet another quick B hit to take us to triple overtime. The MongolZ finally closed Ancient at 22-19 in triple overtime following a flawless CT half to start the third overtime with.

The win puts The MongolZ into the Grand Final of YaLLa Compass 2024 and it is back-to-back LAN Grand Finals for the Asian team, after having won the MESA Nomadic Masters 2024 at home in May 2024.

The MongolZ
2 - 1
All maps
The MongolZ K - D +/- ADR KAST Rating 2.0
Usukhbayar '910' Banzragch 71 - 49 +22 83.8 70.0% 1.29
Ayush 'mzinho' Batbold 52 - 54 -2 70.9 63.7% 1.00
Munkhbold 'Senzu' Azbayar 53 - 54 -1 76.4 60.0% 0.98
Garidmagnai 'bLitz' Byambasuren 45 - 52 -7 72.3 68.8% 0.97
Sodbayar 'Techno' Munkhbold 39 - 59 -20 50.8 58.8% 0.71
Astralis K - D +/- ADR KAST Rating 2.0
Denmark Martin 'stavn' Lund 70 - 54 +16 99.9 72.5% 1.33
Denmark Alexander 'br0' Bro 54 - 50 +4 75.0 70.0% 1.12
Denmark Victor 'Staehr' Staehr 53 - 53 +0 78.8 71.2% 1.08
Denmark Jakob 'jabbi' Nygaard 51 - 52 -1 66.8 73.8% 1.06
Denmark Nicolai 'device' Reedtz 37 - 51 -14 54.2 61.3% 0.81

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