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Victores Sumus defeat CRESCENT in a nailbiter

Victores Sumus win by the narrowest margins

The Gladiator's League Season 4 pitted Victores Sumus against CRESCENT in a BO3 that kicked off on Ancient. The match began with an explosive start from Victores Sumus, as they set the tone for the game early by establishing a 9-1 lead. CRESCENT struggled to find their footing through the entirety of the match, as Victores completed a one-sided 13-1 win.

Image Courtesy: High IQ

Second Map Mirage saw a much better performance from CRESCENT, who kicked off their T-campaign with a 2-0 start. While Victores countered back, the half still ended with an even 6-6 score. The map became wide open for either team, but it was CRESCENT who capitalised, sealing the deal with a 13-9 win.

Image Courtesy: High IQ

Starting on the CT side of the decider map Dust 2, Victores Sumus got off to a flying 9-3 start. Hot on their heels, CRESCENT closed out their lead to 11-11. However, despite their best efforts, Victores Sumus denied the comeback to secure a 13-11 win.

Image Courtesy: High IQ

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