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Skyesports Championship 2024: Confirmed Teams

A look at all the participating teams

With True Rippers surpassing Gods Reign in the Indian Qualifiers of the Skyesports Championship 2024, the final lineup of teams for the LAN event in Mumbai is confirmed with all eight slots locked in.

Aurora was the first team to book their spot for the main event by emerging as the champions of Skyesports Masters 2024. Then, the $200k tournament unveiled The MongolZ, Betboom, Eternal Fire, FURIA, and later added Revenant as the invited team for the tournament.

In the European Closed Qualifiers, 3D Max secured their place by defeating BLEED, while True Rippers earned their slot by overcoming Gods Reign in the Indian Qualifiers.

The tournament kicks off on 23rd July and will run through till the 28th of the same month. While the specific venue for the event has not yet been disclosed, the LAN finals are confirmed to be hosted in Mumbai.

Teams Participating

The MongolZ

  • Senzu

  • Techno

  • bLitz

  • 910

  • mzinho


  • KaiR0N-

  • nafany

  • s1ren

  • zorte

  • Magnojez

Eternal Fire

  • Calyx

  • woxic


  • MAJ3R

  • Wicadia


  • adeX

  • lauNX

  • NBK-

  • Nivera

  • reiko

Brazil FURIA

  • Brazil FalleN

  • Brazil yuurih

  • Brazil KSCERATO

  • Brazil chelo

  • World T.B.A


  • Lack1

  • Norwi


  • deko

  • r3salt


  • Lucky

  • Maka

  • Djoko

  • Ex3rcice

  • Graviti

India True Rippers


  • Mcg!LLzZz

  • Rossi

  • Crazy_Gamer

  • DayMake

Skyesports Championship

$200k Prize Pool
Location - Mumbai
Venue - TBD

GSL group stage
Top 4 advance to playoffs
Playoffs: Single-elimination bo3
Bo5 grand-final

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