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True Rippers fall at the final hurdle

True Rippers journey in the 5E Arena Asia Cup Fall 2024: Asian Qualifier #1 crumbles at the last hurdle as they lose to GR Gaming in the Grand Finals

After making their way to the semi-final on the back off two wins and a bye, True Rippers were set for the day with a matchup against Alter Ego. The lineup consisting of BnTeT, WasteOfAmmo, XigN, splashske, Freeman, was defeated by the Indian team by a 13-6 margin on Ancient.

Proceeding to the finals, they clashed against GR Gaming on Ancient, and went toe to toe against them. The Indian team failed to capitalise on a big 7-1 lead which led to scores being tied in regulation and it was GR Gaming who had the upper hand in overtime, and managed to beat TR by a 16-13 score line.

True Rippers and other Indians teams can still make it to the 5E Arena Asia Cup Fall 2024: BLAST Premier Qualifier, through the second and final Asian Qualifier, which kicks off from July 8, 2024.

Image Credit: Liquipedia

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