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The Draft Grand Final: True Rippers vs Marcos Gaming Preview

Marcos Gaming looking for revenge against True Rippers

It's the final day of The Draft Super Six with an all-India Grand Final lined up as True Rippers takes on Marcos Gaming in the $50,000 prize pool tournament.

Not only will the True Rippers core take on their former organisation in the final but it will also be a kennyS vs shox matchup. Marcos Gaming, who lost the Upper Bracket Final to the same opponents, will also be looking to dish out some revenge.

With a BO5 Grand Final lined up for us, here are a few things to look forward to.

  • kennyS vs shox -

Two of Counter-Strike's all-time great and two French titans, legends and icons - kennyS and shox will be going up against each other once again in The Draft Super Six Grand Final.

Both players have been crucial for their team's success but no player has had an impact like shox has had for Marcos. The highest rated player going into the Grand Final (1.59 rating on HLTV), shox has single-handedly pulled Marcos across the line on multiple occasions. With reV3nnnn missing out and not being able to travel with Marcos to Kuala Lumpur, shox has made sure the team didn't miss a primary AWPer.

While shox has being instrumental through his fragging for Marcos, kennyS has been equally important for True Rippers. The French superstar has been doing more than just fragging as he has been helping the team through his experience of the game, assisting DEFAULTER and also making sure the team doesn't crumble in pressure situations.

Two former teammates, who helped put French Counter-Strike on the map will be going up against each other today and while kennyS has had the better of shox till now, shox will be looking to have the last laugh.

  • Look out for Bhavi -

General conception around in-game leaders in Counter-Strike is that it is okay if they are towards the bottom of the scoreboard given how much they already have on their plate. Marcos Gaming's IGL Bhavi though tossed that narrative out of the window.

With shox helping with the calls, Bhavi has thrived in Kuala Lumpur and Marcos' captain is the third highest Indian player in Kuala Lumpur (the two above him are DiceDealer and Rossi although both have played less than 4 maps while Bhavi has played 9 maps). Bhavi boasts of a 1.14 rating and has been making sure Marcos didn't go home early from Kuala Lumpur.

Not only will Bhavi's calling be crucial for Marcos, Bhavi's fragging will be in the spotlight and will be critical to Marcos' success.

  • New names in the limelight -

While all eyes will be on the likes of shox, kennyS, Rossi and Bhavi, there are a few other names who have been crucial to the teams making the Grand Final.

They might not be in the limelight and neither do they play the star roles but there are three players who will be key to their team's success - ELV1S, EmbeR and Mcg!LLzZz. Both EmbeR and ELV1S' firepower have made things easier for the likes of Bhavi and shox to close out rounds and on the other side Mcg!LLzZz has been in stellar form as well for True Rippers. The veteran has been instrumental in giving his team man-advantages in numerous rounds as Mcg!LLzZz's aggressive entries have been a blessing for True Rippers.

For the teams to pick up the silverware, not only will they need their star players to step up but also the support cast.

The BO5 final kicks off at 11:30 IST and you can catch the game live on Twitch and YouTube.

True Rippers
2 - 3
All maps
True Rippers K - D +/- ADR KAST Rating 2.0
Kenny 'kennyS' Schrub 103 - 76 +27 97.5 70.5% 1.37
India Prateek 'DiceDealer' Saini 41 - 39 +2 77.7 72.1% 1.08
India Hamid 'Gh0sTTTT' Chaudhary 27 - 29 -2 58.9 68.2% 0.94
India Kiran 'Rossi' Rudresh 62 - 83 -21 66.4 73.3% 0.89
India Ritesh 'DEFAULTER' Sarda 59 - 84 -25 71.5 68.6% 0.87
India Shuvajyoti 'Mcg!LLzZz' Chakborty 58 - 80 -22 57.4 64.8% 0.81
Marcos K - D +/- ADR KAST Rating 2.0
Richard 'shox' Papillon 97 - 70 +27 97.2 77.1% 1.45
India Rahul 'R2B2' Banerjee 86 - 72 +14 84.0 74.3% 1.25
India Garvit 'EmbeR' Nehra 79 - 73 +6 78.8 78.1% 1.17
India Elvis 'ELV1S' Eric 62 - 65 -3 66.6 75.2% 1.05
India Bhavesh 'Bhavi' Sejwani 58 - 70 -12 62.7 76.2% 0.95

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