DEWA United through to Elite Peekers IGNITION CS2 final

DreamScape gives bye

In an anticlimactic manner, the first semi-final of the Elite Peekers IGNITION CS2 event between DEWA United and DreamScape saw DEWA United get a bye in the semi-final.

DreamScape had to forfeit the game as one of their players was facing technical issues and couldn't join the game. As a result of not having their full roster, DreamScape had to unfortunately forfeit the game.

DreamScape had reverse-swept Japanese Jadeite in the quarter-final to make their way into the top four. DEWA United meanwhile had smashed Indian team Grayfox Esports in the other quarter-final held today to book their semi-final spot.

The other two semi-finals and the second semi-final will take place tomorrow while the Grand Final of Elite Peekers IGNITION CS2 is scheduled for February 14, 2024 at 11:30 IST.

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