Warden's offline spray-and-pray gets PGL involved

Warden's misconduct at NA RMR lands him in trouble

The incident took place after Wildcard's loss against M80

Wildcard took on M80 with an RMR elimination waiting on the other end. After competitive exchanges in the initial two maps, M80 cleaned up Wildcard with a 13-3 win on Inferno, crashing Wildcard out of the RMR but Wildcard had one last straw to pull.

When M80 went over to Wildcard's territory for fist-bumps, Wildcard's coach Warden took things up a notch and sprayed M80's players with his water bottle after declining their fist-bumps. As reported by Dust2.us, Warden has been banned from PGL's facilities for the remainder of the event, despite his team's exit from the RMR.

Responding to an X post from HLTV's Nohte, Warden has acknowledged the incident and has apologized for his misconduct. Losses to RED Canids and M80 has brought Wildcard's Major dreams to a disappointing end and M80 will face Legacy tomorrow with a Major spot up for grabs.

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