After near identical Stockholm, Antwerp and Paris stickers, the community looks forward to a fresh design

Valve flags complicated sticker designs

jL and rain's stickers get rejected for the upcoming Major

Taking place ten years after the iconic Katowice 2014, CS2's first ever Major at Copenhagen has the community excited and the sticker expectations and speculations for the event are off the charts. To add to it, Valve have recently rejected jL and rain's sticker designs.

The designer behind the two autographs took to X announcing that the designs were rejected by Valve. Boombl4 and H0bbit are also among the players whose sticker designs got rejected initially.

Players have reportedly received an email from the developer addressing the topic and laying down a few ground rules, asking the players to avoid overly complicated designs and inculcate a closer resemblance to their actual autographs handed out to fans.

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