Sponsored: It's time to earn some money with your CS2 knowledge

DISCLAIMER: The following is a paid promotion of eNDX. Dust2 India is a free site to use and to keep it that way, partnerships like these play a pivotal role in helping us to keep going

eNDX allows esports enthusiasts to earn some money using their knowledge of the game. Players can engage in trading their favorite players akin to the stock market. Unlike traditional fantasy games, eNDX operates on stock market principles, offering fans the opportunity to make profits as per the player's performance.

Eligible to users over the age of 18 ONLY

Even for those new to the platform, there are additional avenues for earning profits. The website provides missions and rewards, allowing users to accumulate e$ simply by logging in daily. This supplementary boost can be invaluable as you familiarize yourself with navigating the website and learning its functionalities.

Image Courtesy: eNDX

The ensuing chart shows the players who have experienced the most remarkable surges. XANTARES observed a fivefold increase following his stellar performance in the Major, while Frozen's remarkable showing at IEM Chengdu propelled a 400% surge in his stock value. Investing and accruing profits are as easy as that in eNDX.

Image Courtesy: eNDX

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