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Media: True Rippers looking to replace Gh0sTTTT

True Rippers set to replace AWPer

In a recent Q/A with his followers on X, True Rippers' founder Yashwanth confirmed that the team is looking for a replacement for Gh0sTTTT. He also stated that their new project looks 'promising' along with the 'signing of a legendary coach'.

A fan had asked Yashwanth about True Rippers' experience playing with kennyS at BLAST's The Draft and also about his thoughts on the game in India.

Yashwanth stated that while playing with kennyS was hard for the team, the players took home a wealth of experienece. He also said kennyS was a fun person outside the server. Speaking about CS2 in India, he stated that the game is slowly being revived in the country and put out the task quite clearly for his team that they would need to dominate the SEA region.

He also spoke up the upcoming talent in the country stating that it is 'very bad' and stated how the scene can get a massive boost if a SEA team does well in the Tier 1 or Tier 2 level.

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