The QUBE outfox Bigetron

Bigetron concede Ancient 13-10 to The QUBE

Bigetron took on The QUBE in group A's winners match of the Elite Peekers Ignition CS2 where Bigetron got off to a 5-0 start on the T-side of Ancient but The QUBE adapted on the fly to level score. Tugu and Clouden kept mid under control, forcing the Bigetron to stick either corners of the map, leaving them very little space to work with.

Bigetron fetched themselves a 9-6 lead early in the second half but once again failed to capitalize, as The QUBE countered Bigetron's setups and outplayed them to mount a comeback and reach match point at 12-10.

Despite BnTeT fragging out for Bigetron, they couldn't cross the line, netting The QUBE a 13-10 in the group A winners match. With this win, The QUBE sit on top of the table in group A with six points to their name.

Bigetron head down to the decider match

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