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Gods Reign continue winning ways at ECL

Gods Reign pick up 13-5 win over HIGH FIVE

Coming off of a dominant 13-6 win on Ancient, Gods Reign won the knife round on Anubis and started off on the T-side. Picking up where they left off, Gods Reign once again won the pistol round and converted the anti-eco. SPine577 and JIejiEEE stepped up to claw back a few rounds for HIGH FIVE.

rev3nnnn went ballistic in the early rounds, taking the game away from HIGH FIVE, netting Gods Reign a massive 9-3 advantage. Despite the map's T-sidedness, HIGH FIVE's comeback hopes rested on them getting off to a flying start on the T-side which they did in the initial couple of rounds.

A string of successful retakes from Gods Reign sealed the deal and knocked HIGH FIVE out of the match. The Indian team closed out Anubis 13-5, winning out both bo1s against HIGH FIVE. rev3nnnn finished Anubis with 26 frags at a colossal 146 ADR.

The win comes after Gods Reign's 1-1 against DEWA United yesterday. The Indian team have won five out of their last six matches and are looking in solid form. They will square up against MiraiGaming in their next ECL match tomorrow.

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