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Media: Skyesports Championship 2024 prize pool increased; set to feature more teams

Skyesports sells media rights to foreign countries

Skyesports' CEO and Founder Shiva Nandy took to Instagram earlier today to announce a couple of updates regarding their upcoming LAN event, the Skyesports Championship 2024.

He revealed that Skyesports Championship 2024, which was set to boast of a $200,000 prize pool will now be increased because of their new media deals. Nandy also revealed that Skyesports had sold the media rights for the Skyesports Championship 2024 to Russian, Polish, Mongolian and Portuguese media houses. He stated that the deal was made with their aim of 'global expansion' and to show 'the importance of regional push'.

Nandy revealed that due to the new broadcast rights deals, there will be more teams and the prize pool, which was $200,000 will be increased.

No announcement about how many teams will be added to the original eight or who they will be have been made yet.

Image Credit: Shiva Nandy/Instagram
Image Credit: Shiva Nandy/Instagram

The Skyesports Championship 2024 was set to feature eight teams, who would have been battling it out in Mumbai between July 23 - July 28, 2024 for the initially announced prize pool of $200,000. Teams such as The MongolZ, FURIA, Eternal Fire, BetBoom and more are set to come to India for the event.

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