Enigma Gaming lets go of multiple players

Enigma Gaming undergoes an overhaul

Following the announcement of BENZENE's departure from Enigma Gaming, it has been revealed that he is not the only player to part ways with the team.

Joining him in exiting are ghostxD and Catastr0phE, both of whom were recent additions to the lineup. ghostxD attributed the changes to role conflicts within the team, and all three players will be seeking new opportunities elsewhere.

There were a lot of role clashes in the team. And every player had a different ideology and different approach to the game. We all tried working towards one goal but we failed together as a team. Even though as a team, every single player put in a lot of hard work towards their particular role.

As a result of these departures, Enigma Gaming now retains only two active players: hattygOD and SpawN.

Sources have also revealed to Dust2 India that Enigma Gaming are looking to sign Russian-duo m3wsu and shandarez although Enigma Gaming's management denied the report of going international.

Following the departure of the three players, Enigma Gaming's roster currently is:

  • India SpawN

  • India hattygOD

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