Skyesports confirms return for Masters in 2025

Next year's edition announced

Skyesports has announced that the Skyesports Masters will return next year for yet another edition, with the announcement being made during the ongoing Skyesports Masters 2024 Grand Final between Aurora and OG.

During the half break on the second map on Mirage, Skyesports made the announcement in a unique fashion, where they staged a 'hacking' and announced the Skyesports Masters 2025.

You can check the announcement here:

Source: Skyesports

With Masters returning in 2025, it would be the third edition of Masters, with Skyesports Masters 2023 being the inaugural edition which saw Gods Reign take the title in a LAN finale in Bengaluru, India. While the 2023 was a franchised league with Indian teams only, the 2024 edition was initially planned as a LAN event with 8 teams, 7 of them being international teams. The event was moved online in the 11th hour with Liquid, who were headlining the event backing out.

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