ESL Pro League Season 19 had an airtime of over 150 hours

Average viewers spike at ESL Pro League Season 19

The event saw a decline in peak viewership numbers

The recently concluded ESL Pro League Season 19 saw MOUZ defend their title against Vitality in the grand final, securing back to back ESL Pro League titles. This grand final also turned out to be the event's most watched match with 377,365 peak viewers.

While ESL Pro League Season 19 saw a 35% increase in concurrent viewers at 155,000, the event's watch hours took a 15% dip, drawing in over 23 million watch hours. Season 16, 17 and 18 of the ESL Pro League saw a steady growth in viewership numbers, crossing 560,000 peak viewers but Season 19 fell short, putting up 377,365 peak viewers.

Gathering over 3.5 million watch hours, G2 was the most followed team across ESL Pro League Season 19 but they ended their campaign in the quarter-finals where they conceded a 1-2 series to MOUZ. In their report, Esports Charts predicted higher peak viewership numbers for the grand final, had "prominent teams" such as FaZe, NAVI, G2 or Liquid been a part of the grand final alongside Vitality.

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