Gods Reign drop down in ESL World Rankings

The Indian team moves out of Asia's top 10

In the latest ESL World Rankings update, Gods Reign have moved down one place, coming in at #85. Over a month ago Gods Reign secured a top 100 placement in the ESL World Rankings and have been there ever since, moving up till #81.

Gods Reign are currently competing at the ESL Challenger League Season 47 and have won five out of their last six matches, showing great form. At certain points, Gods Reign went up against the best teams in Asia such as TheMongolz, Lynn Vision and TYLOO but were unable to secure a map.

In their latest run at the Dust2 India - 1XBET Cup Open Qualifier 19, Gods Reign put up a clean run and cleared the qualifier alongside Carnival Gaming to secure a Dust2 India - 1XBET Masters #10 slot.

The top 10 remains unchanged with MOUZ holding the #1 spot, followed by FaZe and NAVI at second and third positions. In the Asian side of things, TheMongolz still hold the top spot with Lynn Vision and TYLOO coming in at #2 and #3. Dropping down a place in the Asian rankings, similar to the HLTV rankings, Gods Reign are gatekeeping the top 10 at #11.

Gods Reign are currently placed at #85

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