True Rippers pulls out of Elite Peekers IGNITION CS2

True Rippers currently in Malaysia for The Draft

Dust2 India has learnt that Indian team True Rippers have backed out of the ongoing online tournament, Elite Peekers IGNITION CS2. True Rippers were one of the three Indian teams taking part in the event along with Enigma Gaming and Grayfox Esports.

True Rippers currently are in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for The Draft Super Six LAN and scheduling clashes between both events have led to True Rippers pulling out of the $5000 online event. The decision has been on that is coming as DEFAULTER and co. have been forfeiting most of the matches over the last few days since the team was travelling to Malaysia and prepping for The Draft.

While True Rippers have backed out of the event, the tournament still has Enigma Gaming and Grayfox Esports representing India.

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