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TYLOO hand Gods Reign a massive beating

Indian team's woes at ECL continues

Gods Reign's woesome ESL Challenger League Season 47 Asia-Pacific campaign continued with Bhavi and co. taking on TYLOO in their latest match.

TYLOO started with the T-sided pistol on Inferno and ran away to 7-0 lead with Moseyuh battering Gods Reign's defenses on both sides while f1redup took seven rounds to get on the board with the entire Indian team struggling. Ph1NNN came in with a crucial 1v2 from arch to finally get Gods Reign on the board in the eighth round. f1redup's AWP finally got going as Gods Reign shut down an A-spilt to get their second round on the board. zdr denied f1redup a 1v3 in the final round of the half, which saw TYLOO end the opening half with a 10-2 lead.

Gods Reign seemed all set to pick up a much needed second half pistol before k4mi shut down the Indian team with crisp a couple of crisp shots to see the Chinese team pick up both pistols on Inferno. TYLOO wasted no time in closing out the opening BO1 at 13-3, picking up a relatively comfortable win.

Gods Reign and TYLOO will be back in the server once again today for the second BO1 where the Indian team will look to put up a better showing.

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