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Grayfox pips Enigma Gaming for narrow win

Grayfox nets another win in Elite Peekers IGNITION CS2

With True Rippers backing out of the Elite Peekers IGNITION CS2 event, the second game of Day 7 of the Group Stages saw the two remaining Indian teams in the event, Enigma Gaming and Grayfox Esports lock horns.

The BO1 series started with Enigma taking the CT pistol on Inferno. Grayfox immediately answered with the force buy and used that to propelled themselves to a 7-1 lead, winning seven rounds in a row. hattygOD shut down a SeeK 1v3 attempt that saw Enigma get their second round but it was Grayfox who started with a 9-3 lead.

Grayfox picked up the second pistol and like the opening half, the second round saw a force buy win for the other team. Enigma got it to a two-round game at 8-10 but a strong hold from Marzil and Nox on the A site helped Grayfox get their first gun round in the second half. Grayfox hung on for a 13-11 win to deny Enigma a comeback chance.

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