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Come Mid sends R.O.G Academy packing

Another India-Pakistan game goes the way of Pakistan

The Playoff games at the Gladiator's League Season 4 continued with another India - Pakistan encounter as R.O.G Academy took on Pakistan's Come Mid in the BO3 matchup.

India R.O.G Academy

  • Antivirus

  • A1ON3 BOY

  • ExZite

  • RaYzeR

  • ChAmP

Come Mid

  • HsB

  • SOULM8

  • sadbutrue

  • Rky

  • hfst4r

The series kicked off on Vertigo as Come Mid's CT side got things going. Come Mid failed to capitalise on a 4-0 lead as R.O.G got five in a row to take the lead of the half. It was a tied opening half as Come Mid ended the half with a clinical 2v3 retake on the B site. A back-and-forth second half saw a trade of rounds before Come Mid made sure there was no room for overtime as the closed out the map at 13-11.

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Anubis started with Come Mid going 5-0 up on their T side before taking a four-round lead. Like Vertigo, the second half saw R.O.G fight back and with ExZite and ChAmP having strong performances, it was the Indian team hitting map point first. HsB's double opener with the AWP along with another Rky clutch saw Come Mid force overtime. Come Mid closed it out at 16-14 in overtime which sent the Indian team out of the tournament and helped them proceed forwards in the Playoffs.

Image Credit: High IQ

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