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IESF regionals day 2: India win both games

Team India puts up flawless run, confirms AEC Chengdu slot

Through a flawless win in the round-robin, taking down Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka in the IESF regional qualifier, the Gods Reign lineup representing team India have secured an Asian Esports Championship (AEC) slot and will head to Chengdu for the LAN event in a couple of months.

In the second and final day of the IESF South Asian qualifier India went up against Nepal and Sri Lanka, securing two dominant victories.

  • India vs Nepal

The bo1 took us to Anubis where India won the knife round and chose to start on the T-side. After India took the pistol and anti-eco, Nepal's first gun round took an unfortunate turn when the team couldn't capitalize on a couple of early picks towards A-site.

9 Rounds into the game Nepal managed to claim their first round at 1-8 but it was too little and too late, India steamrolled to a dominant 13-1 victory. IGL Bhavi led the charge with 16 frags at an ADR of 119.

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  • India vs Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka started on the T-side on Dust2, conceding the initial couple of rounds. A missed 3v2 attempt costed Sri Lanka. India ended up securing a massive 11-1 half in their favor. Sri Lanka started their CT-side with back to back round wins, but India closed out the map 13-4, marking their flawless run in the qualifier.

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